Welcome to Pro-Acceleratum!

Pro-Acceleratum specializes in the energy and environmental sector.

Pro-Acceleratum is an advisory company that offers a unique support and co-management for companies and technologies seeking financing and/or to be commercialized in the global markets.

Pro-Acceleratum represents a vast network of professionals with an extensive background in technology, international trade, industry, financing and communication, offering the essential a technology requires to be established, nurtured and appraised for business value.

Pro-Acceleratum promotes and assists clients in funding and market entries by utilizing conventional marketing and commercialization methodologies with well established financial associates, global trading networks as well as International Counter Trade and Offset Programs with close to 20 years of collaboration.

Pro-Acceleratum network has its office in London, with partner hub in Helsinki.

PRO-ACCELERATUM OY, Iso Roobertinkatu 1 A 5, 00120 HELSINKI